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2005 SF_278
     S. D. Benecchi, Planetary Science Institute; S. S. Sheppard, Carnegie
Institution for Science, Washington, DC; K. S. Noll, Goddard Space Flight
Center, NASA; and C. A. Trujillo, Northern Arizona University, report the
detection of a binary companion to the transneptunian object 2005 SF_278
(which is in 7:4 resonance with Neptune).  The observations were made during
2014 Dec. 8.3615-8.3873 UT with the WFPC3/UVIS instrument on the Hubble Space
Telescope.  The two components were 0".406 +/- 0".001 apart in p.a. 343.80 +/-
0.49 degress and differ in brightness by 0.28 +/- 0.03 magnitude in the F606W
filter.  The projected separation of the objects in the sky plane is 10275
+/- 25 km.

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