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2018 LA
     An asteroidal object of mag 18.0-18.3 that was discovered on CCD images
taken by R. A. Kowalski on June 2.34-2.36 UT with the Mount Lemmon Survey's
1.5-m reflector was followed up in the subsequent 3-4 hours with additional
observations with the Steward Observatory 1.0-m reflector at Mt. Lemmon and
with the ATLAS 0.5-m f/2 Schmidt telescope at Mauna Loa.  These three sets of
astrometry yielded a solution (published by G. V. Williams on MPEC 2018-L04)
that suggested entrance into the earth's atmosphere around June 2.702, less
than five hours after the last astrometric observation at Mauna Loa.  The
published orbit had a = 1.37 AU, q = 0.78 AU, P = 1.61 yr, i = 4.28 degrees,
and absolute magnitude H = 30.6 (suggesting an object not more than a few
meters across).
     A fireball was observed widely across southern Africa after dark around
the predicted time.  A camera on a farm recorded the incoming fireball, with
the video posted at website URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnBvSNYy-EY.
This is only the third small asteroidal object discovered prior to entering
the earth's atmosphere, after 2008 TC_3 (which dropped surviving rocks on
2008 Oct. 7 that were collected in Sudan) and 2014 AA (which evidently
entered over the Atlantic Ocean on 2014 Jan. 1).

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2018 June 4                      (CBET 4519)              Daniel W. E. Green

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