[Iaude] CBET 4603: 20190120 : V386 SERPENTIS = TCP J16103359-0102227

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V386 SERPENTIS = TCP J16103359-0102227
     S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan, forwarded a report from Hideo Nishimura
(Kakegawa, Shizuoka-ken, Japan) of Nishimura's discovery of a variable star
of mag 10.4 located at R.A. = 16h10m33s.59, Decl. = -1d02'22".7 (equinox
2000.0) on three unfiltered CCD 30-s exposures (limiting mag 16) taken on
Jan. 18.843 UT with a Canon EOS 6D digital camera (+ 200-mm-f.l. f/3.2 lens).
Nishimura, who notes that nothing was visible at this position brighter than
mag 16 on Jan. 17.841, has posted an image of the variable at website URL
http://www.oaa.gr.jp/~oaacs/image/TCP201901inSer.jpg.  The object was given
the provisional designation TCP J16103359-0102227 when it was posted on the
Central Bureau's TOCP webpage.  Nakano also reports that T. Noguchi
(Chiba-ken, Japan) observed magnitude 11.1 and position end figures 33s.60,
23".1 on Jan. 19.828.
     Nakano notes the presence of the cataclysmic variable V386 Ser in
the AAVSO Variable Star Index with position end figures 33s.63, 23".2 (and
stated magnitude range 10.4-19.2).  P. Schmeer, Saarbruecken-Bischmisheim,
Germany, notes that S. Yoshida reported that M. Mukai also detected an
outburst of V386 Ser at mag 10.7 on Jan. 18.839 UT, adding that it was
"faint" on Jan. 17.  Schmeer writes that "this is the first recorded
outburst of V386 Ser, likely a 'WZ Sge'-type dwarf nova.  Time-resolved
photometry is urgently required."

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2019 January 20                  (CBET 4603)              Daniel W. E. Green

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