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                                                  Electronic Telegram No. 4898
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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     Further to CBET 4802, the following permanent numbers have been
assigned to short-period comets based upon their being securely observed
at multiple returns to perihelion.  Note that the identification of comets
P/2013 J4 (PANSTARRS) and P/2019 Y2 (Fuls) as the same object on CBET 4792
has led to the renaming of this comet as 403P/PANSTARRS-Fuls.

Designation/Name         Provisional Designations                Reference
397P/Lemmon              P/2012 SB_6 = P/2020 M2                 CBET 4807
398P/Boattini            P/2009 Q4 = P/2020 P2                   CBET 4829
399P/PANSTARRS           P/2013 O2 = P/2020 O4                   CBET 4844
400P/PANSTARRS           P/2020 R1 = P/2013 PA_104               CBET 4845
401P/McNaught            P/2006 H1 = P/2020 R3                   CBET 4847

402P/LINEAR              P/2002 T5 = P/2020 Q3                   CBET 4835
403P/Catalina            P/2007 VQ_11 = P/2020 T1                CBET 4869
404P/Bressi              P/2011 U2 = P/2020 M6                   CBET 4831
405P/Lemmon              P/2013 TL_117 = P/2020 U1               CBET 4874
406P/Gibbs               P/2007 R2 = P/2020 R8                   CBET 4884

407P/PANSTARRS-Fuls      P/2013 J4 = P/2019 Y2                   CBET 4792
408P/Novichonok-Gerke    P/2011 R3 = P/2020 M7                   CBET 4833
409P/LONEOS-Hill         P/2005 XA_54 = P/2020 V1                CBET 4885

NOTE: These 'Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams' are sometimes
      superseded by text appearing later in the printed IAU Circulars.

                         (C) Copyright 2020 CBAT
2020 December 18                 (CBET 4898)              Daniel W. E. Green

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