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     Further to CBET 4793, A. Sonka, M. Birlan, and A. Nedelcu, Berthelot
Observatory, Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, report on the
unusual shape and tail of comet 246P from CCD observations obtained with a
0.38 m f/8 reflector (39'.8 x 28' field-of-view) at Berthelot Observatory on
May 12, 21, and 23.  A 60-s unfiltered exposure taken on May 23 shows an
obvious 3' fanlike tail in p.a. 292.8 degrees, while 46 stacked images having
a total exposure time of 0.8 hr shows a long tail visible at p.a. 296.8
degrees; the tail is at least 28' long and shows a 5'.4-long discontinuity,
starting at 3' from the comet's coma (after the discontinuity ends, the tail
continues and possibly extends outside the field-of-view.  The comet's tail is
also visible in images taken on May 12 and 21 at p.a. 296.8 degrees.  The
discontinuity is 5' long on May 12 and 8' long on May 21.
     Additional unfiltered CCD total-magnitude and coma-diameter measurements
for comet 246P:  Mar. 20.27 UT, 15.0, 40" (H. Sato, Tokyo, Japan, 0.25-m
astrograph near Mayhill, NM, USA; fan-like tail 1'.5 long toward p.a. 250-290
degrees); May 29.44, 14.6, -- (K. Kadota, Ageo, Japan, 0.25-m reflector).
Visual total-magnitude and coma-diameter estimates by P. Camilleri, Katherine,
NT, Australia (0.40-m reflector):  June 9.47, 13.8, 1'; June 14.45, 14.0, 1'.

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