[Iaude] CBET 5129: U SCORPII

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                                                  Electronic Telegram No. 5129
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[Editor's note:  This replaces CBET 5128 (date of issuance corrected).]
     A. Pearce, Nedlands, W. Australia, relates that Japanese observers have
reported an outburst in this recurrent nova (cf. IAUCs 9111, 9114).  Pearce
forwards the following CCD magnitudes for U Sco:  June 5.889 UT, [17.4
(ASAS-SN Sky Patrol); 6.567, [17.3 (M. Moriyama, Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan,
25-cm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector); 6.720, 11.4 (Moriyama); June 7.008,
8.2 (Pearce, remotely with a 200-mm ASA H8 hyperbolic telescope + CCD located
at the Skygems Observatory in Namibia).  Visual magnitude estimates:  June
6.773, 9.2 (H. Maehara, Okayama, Japan; via Pearce); 7.04, 8.0: (A. Amorim,
Florianopolis, Brazil).

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2022 June 7                      (CBET 5129)              Daniel W. E. Green

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