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                                                  Electronic Telegram No. 5133
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[Editor's note:  this text replaces that on CBET 5131 (O'Meara date).]
     Further to CBET 5129, S. J. O'Meara (Maun, Botswana) writes that this
recurrent nova has faded to mag about 10.4 on June 9.986 UT, as estimated
from CMOS images obtained with a Canon 90D 33-Mpx APS-C DSLR camera (with
integrated RGBG filter + 200-mm lens), using an AAVSO comparison-star chart
for U Sco.  O'Meara adds that a visual observation on June 10.958 yields
magnitude 10.5.
    The following additional CCD magnitudes have been reported to the Bureau:
June 6.009 UT, [17 (E. Guido, A. Valvasori, and M. Rocchetto, from imaging
with a "Telescope Live" 70-cm telescope at Oria, Spain); 6.262, [17 (Guido et
al., from imaging with a "Telescope Live" telescope at El Sauce, Chile);
6.880, R_c = 8.26 (Guido et al., from imaging with a telescope at the ALMO
Observatory, Padulle, Italy); 7.094, V = 7.79 (F. Romanov, remotely with a
0.61-m f/6.5 Dall-Kirkham telescope at the Burke-Gaffney Observatory in
Canada); 7.098, B = 8.04 (Romanov); 7.101, R_c = 7.45 (Romanov); 7.102, I-C =
7.17 (Romanov); 7.206, V = 7.89 (Romanov; remotely using a 0.36-m f/6.2
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at the Abbey Ridge Observatory in Canada); 7.210,
B = 8.27 (Romanov); 7.215, R_c = 7.45, I_c = 7.09 (Romanov).  Romanov reports
magnitude 8.5 for U Sco from five 10-s stacked exposures taken around June
7.565 with a Canon EOS 60D camera (+ 72-mm-f.l. lens) at Yuzhno-Morskoy, near
Nakhodka, Russia.  W. Souza, Sao Paulo, Brazil, reports visual mag 8.1 for
U Sco on June 6.986 with 15x70 binoculars.

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      superseded by text appearing later in the printed IAU Circulars.

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2022 June 11                     (CBET 5133)              Daniel W. E. Green

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