[Iaude] CBET 5295: V1717 SCORPII = NOVA SCORPII 2023 No. 2

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                                                  Electronic Telegram No. 5295
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V1717 SCORPII = TCP J17282355-3113163 = NOVA SCORPII 2023 No. 2
     The Brazilian Transient Search team (E. Pimentel, C. Barreto, C.
Colesanti, C. Jacques, J. Amancio, J. Ribeiro, L. Amaral, M. Domingues, P.
Holvorcem, and T. Napoleao) reports the discovery of a nova-like variable
star (mag 13.5) on three unfiltered CCD frames (limiting mag 16.5) taken on
Aug. 6.145 UT at the SONEAR 2 Observatory, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, using a
280-mm f/2.2 astrograph.  The new star's position was measured to be R.A. =
17h28m23s.55, Decl. = -31d13'16".3 (equinox J2000.0).  Nothing is visible at
this location on earlier frames (limiting mag 16.5) taken on 2023 May 17.082.
When the object was posted to the Central Bureau's TOCP webpage, it was
assigned the designation TCP J17282355-3113163.
     A. Pearce (Nedlands, Western Australia) measured position end figures
23s.63, 17".6 for TCP J17282355-3113163 from a CCD image obtained on Aug.
6.958 UT with a 0.50-m reflector at Skygems Observatory, Namibia (Gaia DR2
star positions), with the variable then at approximate unfiltered mag
14.1.  Pearce notes that no obvious progenitor is present in the Gaia
catalogue or on PanSTARRS or DECaPS images.  Pearce adds that he obtained
the following CCD magnitudess for TCP J17282355-3113163 from images taken
on Aug. 13.487 with a 0.35-m R-COP reflector at Perth Observatory:  Aug.
13.479, B = 19.26; Aug. 13.487, V = 17.25; Aug. 13.493, R = 15.19; Aug.
13.498, I = 13.43.
     S. Kiyota (Kamagaya, Japan) reports the following CCD magnitudes for
TCP J17282355-3113163, obtained on Aug. 7.366 UT with an iTelescope 0.43-m
f/6.8 reflector located at Siding Spring Observatory:  V = 16.36, R_c =
13.69, I_c = 11.79.  Kiyota posted an image at the following website URL:
https://meineko.com/ccd/TCP_J17282355-3113163.jpg .
     Spectroscopy (range 400-800 nm) of TCP J17282355-3113163 obtained on
Aug. 10.98 UT with the 4.1-m SOAR telescope shows a red continuum with strong,
broad emission lines including H-alpha (FWHM about 920 km/s) and O I, along
with many Fe II lines, interpreted by J. Strader et al. as the spectrum of a
reddened classical nova (cf. https://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=16184).
     E. Kazarovets and N. Samus (Institute of Astronomy, Moscow) inform the
Bureau that the permanent GCVS designation V1717 Sco has been assigned to
this nova.

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2023 September 28                (CBET 5295)              Daniel W. E. Green

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