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Telescope Hosting

Since 2004, we are hosting several robotic telescopes. With the demise of astroturism because of the sanitary crisis, we have opened a few more slots for persons who would like to install their telescope in our observatory. Please contact us.

The telescopes currently installed are :

- A 40cm F/3.8 ASA on an Astrophysics 1200 mount used for TNO astrometry; MPC site I16. Spain

- A TOA 1500 Takahashi on a mount we built here, used for astrophotography. France

- A 40cm F/8 Ritchey Chrétien from Astrosib on a Paramount ME used for astrophotography. MPC site G32. Russia

- A 25cm F/3.6 ASA newtonian on a DDM60 ASA used for an asteroid search program and satellite tracking. MPC site W98. Poland

- A 40cm F/3.8 ASA on a Nova 120 direct drive mount used for asteroid searches and astrophotography. MPC site W95. Panama

- A 40cm F/8 ODK from Orion Optics UK telescope on an ASA DDM85 mount used for variable star photometry. This telescope produces more CCD measurements of variable stars than any other telescope in the world. MPC site G39. Belgium

- A RILA500 50cm F/5 from Officina Stellare on a Nova 120 direct drive mount used for variable star photometry and astrophotography. Belgium.

- A Planewave 30cm F/8 on a DDM85 ASA mount used for astrophotography. USA

- A 50cm F/8 Ritchey Chrétien telescope on an ASA DDM85 used for exoplanet photometry and astrophotography. MPC site W99. Canada 

- A meteor survey camera. Slovak republic.

- A 30cm F/6.8 RC telescope on a Paramount, used with a LISA spectrograph. Panama.

- A TEC140 Apo refractor on a 10 microns 2000 mount used for astrophotography - Canada 

- An Astrophysics 155mm refractor on a VMA200 mount used for astrophotography - South Korea.

Then I have my own telescopes :

- A 40cm F/5.7 on a Valmeca VM200 mount (belonging to JB De Vanssay) mainly used for comet astrometry. The group of french amateur friends are using this telescope which is one of the most productive group as far as comet astrometry. MPC site W96.

- An Epsilon 200 on a DDM60 mount, STL11000 camera

- An FSQ 85 refractor on an EQ8 mount

- A 500mm F/4 newtonian on a DDM85 mount used for confirmation of asteroid discoveries.

- A Celestron 14 F/1.9 on a VMA200 mount

- A 135mm F/2 telephoto lens with an STL11000 camera on an AZEQ6 mount.

- A FS102 Takahashi refractor on an EM200 (non goto) mount, used for astrophotography.

- 4 RASA Celestron 28cm telescopes on a modified VMA 200 mount, with zwo 1600 cameras, being assembled in this moment (2018) for fast moving object searches.

We maintain these telescopes, and they are used through internet (20 megabits/sec link). Many telescopes have been modified in our workshop when it was necessary. We live on site, and the site is accessible all the time (not like other places where the road might be cut a few weeks per year because of the snow). We have a local workshop (with lathe, milling machine, welding equipment), an optical shop (with reference optical blanks and Shack Hartman interferometer, collimation lasers, etc..) and electronic workshop (with oscilloscope, etc...). We very often repair a problem during the night, not several days later. If you think of putting a telescope in Chile, please contact us and we will put you in contact with some of your clients. They know about our service.

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